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Fable by Nicola Miller
Research by Richard Knobel
Graphics by Robert Castle Gay
and (another contributor)

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The History:
This webspace is derived from a poster created in 1969-1970.

This Fable ("The People of the Palms") was part of a land use exhibit that was held at the Hawai'i International Center (H.I.C.) in 1969 during the intersession of the University of Hawai'i that year. The original exhibit was mounted on 4' x 8' plywood panels.

With the assistance of staff in the Vice Governor's office at that time, it was converted to a poster, printed on both sides of a large sheet, which was published and distributed at UH on the first Earth Day in Hawaii in 1970. (front - back)

This webspace - Aug 2006:
This representation of that 1970 paper poster is presented by Marian Beddill ( website ), who lived there at the time, out of respect for the Hawai'ian culture and sustainable planning everywhere, and with the permission of three of the originators, Nicola Miller and Richard Knobel (text authors), and Robert Castle Gay (one of the graphics artists). Attempts (now, 35 years later) to locate the other contributing artist have not yet been successful.

Spelling errors on the original have been kept. To better fit a computer screen; I repositioned each graphic and the Fable beside each other, otherwise it is faithful to the paper poster. (front - back)