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Experience: MANAGEMENT {top of page}

Established, as sole proprietor, a full-service Geographic Information Systems (GIS) applications business, furnishing services especially to businesses and governments, to integrate dynamic computerized maps and user-specific databases, adding to database searches the additional capability to search and select data elements using spatial parameters (where things are, and how they relate to "neighboring" things).

Directed, as Team Leader, the Tamanduatei interceptor sewer design project, forming and supervising a team of eight engineers. Commended by the client and by the company president, for design quality, delivery ahead of schedule, and team management.

Responsible for, as Division Manager, bidding and planning for projects in the fields of water management, sanitary sewerage, drainage, and industrial waste disposal. Was responsible for business development, preparation of technical and commercial proposals, hiring and organization of staff, and administrative and technical coordination of the projects.

Organized and installed, as General Manager, a water systems equipment manufacturing facility. Prepared the annual strategic and sales plans for the division. Supervised sales and advertising. Developed and tested new products; adapted American equipment to local conditions and needs, with emphasis on utilization suitability and materials characteristics in selection of models for manufacture. Supervised and executed applications projects for clients' utilization of our equipment. The product line was still significant in the market, and profitable, many years later.

Supervised, as Deputy County Engineer, the daily functions of the seven divisions of a county Public Works Department, totalling 260 employees. Coordinated construction and maintenance activities with contractors. Managed the streams flood protection system, and flood and tsunami disaster plans. Received a special commendation from the County Council.

Evaluated, as consultant, the resources and engineering staff capabilities of a south-asian national engineering and construction agency, for automated canal design.

Provided consulting support for procurement of technical, scientific and irrigation equipment. Assisted in needs evaluation for systems for demonstration and training, laboratory and field equipment, vehicles, office and building machinery, maintenance equipment and tools, and lodging furnishings. Revised the plan for procurement of commodities in support of the development of a National Training Center. Developed the phased procurement plan to coordinate schedules of construction and procurement of these goods and services.

Experience: TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER {top of page}

Delivered water-management elements of a training-of-trainers program for an asian national water management agency. Created and demonstrated case studies and taught training methodologies.

Prepared water management systems operating manuals, and trained engineers and technicians in operation and maintenance of the systems. Published technical and training materials.

Provided technical assistance and training to engineers in MIS database development.

Developed and conducted a national training course for engineering staff in the use of microcomputers and in use of custom programs for design of canals. Prepared recommendations for additional training and programming activities, and computer software and hardware.

Set up an ongoing training school for an equipment manufacturer's clients and dealers' personnel. Prepared a technical manual for planning and operation of systems.

Trained the staff of experiment stations, and the staff of the member agricultural cooperatives and plantations. Developed and presented seminars, one-on-one sessions, and technical orientations to management. Transfer of technology in the style of extension service agents.

Experience: ENGINEERING AND TECHNICAL {top of page}

Principal technical advisor for research and development projects covering water supply, hydrology, irrigation, drainage, agro-meteorology, and the use of mini-computers for technical analyses, statistics, and data storage. Formulated the water management research program, designed, installed and controlled experiments to define water management parameters and water economics, executed field studies, system designs, pilot system installations.

Conducted field and laboratory tests of water system equipment, managing a hydraulics test facility. Performed computer programming and data processing to analyze voluminous data generated by study projects. Based on the laboratory results, designed, installed and operated various experimental systems. Was granted a U.S. Patent for an automatic flow controlling apparatus.

Preparation of technical and economic feasibility studies and the design and implementation of projects for installation of water management systems. Execution and management of data collection, field surveys, geotechnical studies, basic and detailed projects, cost estimates, construction bid document preparation, and oversight of construction. Establishment of standardized project evaluation procedures.

Preparation of water management studies, drainage and irrigation feasibility studies, and development of the detailed water development and water management projects. Responsible for field water control (irrigation and drainage) design and installation, on large agricultural projects. Implemented water-related projects and studies, as field engineer.

Preparation of an overall review of a national water management status and needs, concentrating on availability and use of water for rural water supply and irrigation.

Prepared an outline for a National Irrigation Master Plan. Began the development of a water management database, which included a comprehensive national registry of water sources, with reference data for each source targeting future estimation of water supplies, a critical need for a drought-ridden country. Prepared draft watershed and hydrologic basin maps, and laid the groundwork for later aerial photo-mapping of the watersheds and an national GIS.

Developed agricultural land and water management systems for a government agro-industry in a south Asian country.

Development, testing, evaluation and trouble shooting of irrigation and drainage systems at experiment stations.

Executed an urban harbor pollution survey. Supervised collection of field data regarding chemical and physical characteristics of the bay waters. Sampling involved water samples (surface and sub-surface), current traces, fate of floating materials. Responsible for editing the report to the contracting agency, including data analysis and transformation into maps, tables, and narrative summaries.

Preparation of the feasibility and design studies for development of rural water supply in a remote valley area, and an economic value evaluation for streamflow, as used for hydropower generation.


Operated, a full-service Geographic Information Systems (GIS) applications business, furnishing services especially to businesses and governments, to integrate dynamic computerized maps and user-specific databases, adding to database searches the additional capability to search and select data elements using spatial parameters (where things are, and how they relate to "neighboring" things).

Installed a national GIS (geographic information system), which included software to create and manage a national database of geographic characteristics important for the rural development planning process.

Reviewed an engineering agency's canal design procedures; evaluated these to identify areas and activities of suitable for immediate and long-term computerization. Devised a data management system and structure for creating and using datafiles with topographic, cost, and design criteria information.

Developed single-purpose programs for design of canals, easily usable by engineers who had previously had little or no computer training. The programs assist in the design for rehabilitation of water courses, considering existing conditions, economics, available manpower and equipment resources, and sustainability of the completed works. Developed and conducted a national training course in the use of microcomputers and the program.

Designed and prepared (in 1971) a computerized database survey of a county road system, registering an inventory of roadway characteristics, dimensions and conditions, used for planning of maintenance and capital improvements.

Marian G. Beddill --- Professional Experience; in functional groupings.

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