Marian Beddill -- Citizen Activist -- Retired Engineer -- and a bit more smiley.
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Environmental Caring

(best frames of the video-clips below:)

best frames of the video-clips best frames of the video-clips

Our friendly does, in the backyard where I once lived:
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      We must care for the earth and its resources, so future generations will also have a safe, stable, sustainable life.
      My professional life (1960-2003) was heavily involved with water, starting with a brief spell as a meteorologist then staying with engineering career, and my civic volunteer activities have continued to be very strongly water-related - especially clean water and stormwater treatment.
      We all are part of an interdependent web of being, and our basic need of adequate and safe air and water for living cannot be ignored. The UUSC and the WILPF have programs addressing and opposing the world domination of water systems by corporate interests, and related problems.
      Everything we do has a degree in which it affects these our essential fluids, so everything must be reviewed for minimal negative impact. When I lived in Hawai'i, in the 1960's, we lamented the urbanization ongoing there back then. Some citizens published "People of the Palms - A Fable - Hawaiian Development", as a way to raise community awareness of the downsides of urbanization.
      I have been an active member of volunteer organizations addressing clean water, especially in the Lake Whatcom Reservoir, for the people who drink from it, and in the Watershed Management Planning Unit of "WRIA-1".
      Lake Whatcom is the sole drinking water source for the 85,000 residents of Bellingham and surrounding lands. A WWU reporter published something about the use of initiatives, such as the one I did in 1999. And in 2006, I was named an "Environmental Hero for Advocacy" by Re-Sources, an environmental protection non-profit organization in Bellingham (article in The Bellingham Herald)
      WRIA-1 is a program working towards clean water in the Nooksack River area and the fair allocation of water among all needs. I have been in the Environmental Caucus (one of 18 stakeholder groups) from its founding. You may refer to the starting concepts of the project -- I have saved an early draft Scope of Work of and for the WRIA-1 Project. Preceeding the WRIA-1 program, I was one of the creators of a community dialogue group on the same subject, called the "WWRA".
      The use of energy and the management of power generation is another key arena of concern and action. It is closely integrated with water and food, and pollution of the air, water and soil. Granting that we must have energy sources, my concern directs itself to clean alternatives, efficiency, conservation, and elimination of the worst polluting powerplants, those using old coal, yet another fossil fuel. I managed a website on the topic (which is now inactive, since we won) and the proposed plant that would pollute too much, "SE-2", was never built. But our past has had some terrible cases: 2 Explosions-linked to... each other..
     Last, but perhaps not least, is my caring spirit for the environment. The backyard where I lived for 13 years hosts a family of deer, who make the rounds of the neighborhood, and every few days, drop in to graze. Click here to download and save one of the little 25-second videos.

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