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WWRA Mission Statement and Program

" WWRA is dedicated to Preserving and Protecting Whatcom County's Water Resources Management through maximizing the information flow between the people and local government. "

WWRA's goal is S.E.A. for C.P.R. We focus on Science to Educate the public and Advocate policymakers to achieve Conservation, Protection, and Restoration of Whatcom's water.

WWRA's means is by organizing and informing citizens on water issues, individually and in groups organized by sub-watersheds. Through the identification or establishment of local gatherings, those who care will gain opportunities to learn, and local government staff will gain an audience which is prepared and motivated to be involved in solutions.

We seek active groups of even a few individuals, like those who naturally gather at kitchen-tables, local cafes, and civic events, to incorporate into the information channel.

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intending to do something, and helping others do in, and for water in Whatcom County, WA

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