On June 10th, 1999
at 5:03pm
The Park Blew Up

In Whatcom Falls Park, Bellingham, Washington, the pipeline was carrying pure gasoline that afternoon. The pipe ruptured -- yet the Olympic Pipeline Company who owned and operated it paid scant attention.

For more than two hours, pure gasoline flowed from the 16-inch pipe into the creek and the city.

At 5:03pm something ignited a massive fireball.

Three people died and the landscape was scorched for miles.

The Olympic Pipeline Company refused for almost three years to say why the pipe broke or why their operators let it pour out gasoline for two hours.

Then, in April, 2002, they agreed to pay a very large cash settlement in the wrongful-death civil suit, evidently hoping to avoid ever saying WHY!; and finally, the Feds ruled they contributed to the incident.

How can people who run companies that kill innocents, avoid going to jail? Finally, some justice was done when three individuals were found guilty. Watch to see if they actually serve time, or get an early release.

Link to the longer story, archived.
(was at the Bellingham Herald: http://news.bellinghamherald.com/explosion/explosion_front.shtml / now removed)

http://news.bellinghamherald.com/explosion/ed_fuel.htm">Herald Editorial, June 13, 1999 - now removed
New Herald Article, Wednesday, Jan. 09, 2008

On September 11th, 2001
at 9:44am
Parts of Two Cities were Blown Up,...

...my friend Alice reminds us that.....

...while our national "leadership" under the Shrub says war is good,


many said then,

and still say now,

teardrops of blood are not my idea of a good life!

I believe that we must know and appreciate why those things happened,....
and the connections between them....
so that repeats of them can be avoided.

Petroleum Pipeline Safety

(linked to global ethnic conflict)

Global Ethnic Conflict

(linked to Petroleum Pipelines)

I believe they are linked. Don't you?

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two years after the pipeline explosion -
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