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Some of us like to SEE the pieces of the plan presented in a graphical format -- a chart. Options include the GANTT chart - basically a time-flow line with bars that show each activity and when it starts and stops.

I like the PERT chart ("Program Evaluation and Review Technique"), because it links need and shows, directly, in what way results contribute to following activities.

Which one of these PERT charts do you like best? Each is a GIF image of about 15kBytes.

Trial PERT Diagram
vertical (portrait, down)

Trial PERT Diagram
horizontal (landscape, across)

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About this website and "WRIA1 PLANNING":


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There is a formal process uniting "all interests" in watershed planning for the WRIA1, geographically equivalent to Whatcom County, and including the Nooksack River basin and even the other streams which do not flow into the Nooksack River.

That process is building the plan for what to do in WRIA1 through an assembly of caucusses comprise the "Planning Unit", created and funded in 1998 by Washington State law (ESHB2514).

The Planning Unit has begun to designate "Technical Teams" to do the nuts-and-bolts, and these Tech-Teams include staff and the public. Hey! -- Did you see that? -- They include the public! Really! I've been participating, so I speak from first-hand knowledge.

One of the Tech-Teams with about seven members has just re-written the "Scope of Work" for the entire four-plus-year planning project. Here it is in latest DRAFT form.

This is an UNOFFICIAL website - but the creator (Marian) is an active participant in the process. We are trying to boil the maybe-boring text down and make it understandable. More improvements are on the way - so come back weekly. In the meantime.....

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