FOOTNOTE: This is a replication of my January 2002 website.
(except for this intro, it is faithful to what was the status four years ago. -- Marian, Jan 2006)

WRIA 1 Water Management Plan

unofficial team-member website
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WRIA1 Watershed Planning Flowchart
(more detailed flowcharts in preparation)
....DRAFT Scope of Work for planning for water management for the....
Nooksack River Basin and adjacent watersheds.
Whatcom County, Washington

project funded in part by the State of Washington
and by Whatcom County

Problem Statement (my summary) for...

... WRIA 1 ....

There's too little water -- sometimes, at some places; and
There's too much water -- sometimes, at some places; and
There's polluted water -- sometimes, at some places; and
There's too many unapproved applications for water usage; and
There's too many old water rights nobody is using; and
There's too many water needs that we're not sure will be met; and
There's too many new water needs that have no approved water usage.

"Mission Statement"

....the WRIA 1 Planning Project .... does have an official Mission Statement.

Mission statements say who is doing it and why the thing is being done. Restated in plain language, I believe it goes something like:....

"Unofficial Mission Statement"

"Plan for the reasonable management of the waters within the watershed, for all beneficial uses."