Marian Beddill -- Citizen Activist -- Retired Engineer -- and a bit more smiley. Like - See 980 HEX colors
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"Never doubt that a small group of dedicated citizens can change the world --- indeed, that's the only thing that ever has."
         Margaret Mead

Who is this "Marian"? She is one who believes in these things; and works for -- and with -- these goals and organizations:

People helping -- to support the beliefs of -- and to accomplish the goals of -- these groups. dig-in & help
I have assisted numerous civic action groups, and there is likely a place for you in at least one of them!

Pick one that fits you, and Dig-In:

dig-in  Lake Whatcom Reservoir Protection .|. Protection of our drinking-water reservoir.

dig-in  WW: The Whatcom Watch, .|. The WW is an independent non-profit monthly journal concentrating on the protecting the environment, and good government. There's room for writers, cartoonists, government-watchers, assistant editors, carriers, and many other tasks.

dig-in  WFV: Whatcom Fair Voting .|. Election systems run fairly, with trust in the outcomes of our elections. See my "" website on elections integrity needs.

dig-in  SBNA: SilverBeach Nhood Assn, .|. and all other Neighborhood Associations. Help protect the valuables where you live - the physical ones and the social / spiritual ones - by joining forces with your neighbors once a month, and in-between when there's something to do.

dig-in  LWV: League of Women Voters of Bellingham and Whatcom County .|. LWV has "Women" in the name and men in the ranks - Doing government right.

dig-in  BUF: The Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship .|. The UnCommon Denomination. Religion and spirituality done your way, by yourself.

dig-in   Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) .|.   WCDCC: Whatcom County Democrats .|.   42ndLD: 42nd Legislative District Democrats .|.   40thLD: 40th Legislative District Democrats .|. At any level of Democratic politics, county or state LD or national, where volunteers are the driving force.

dig-in  Dig In: Almost every group needs folks to do the generic things like: finances, fund-raising, bookkeeping, outreach, membership recruitment, publicity, forums, database management, graphics, materials preparation, etc.

I hope this website does not appear pretentious! -- It's just that I've really been some interesting places and done some rather uncommon things in my life. -- Including having a rather early personal website: see my old site - archived at "The WayBack Engine".

My life has led me to define my Philosophy: For success in life, work, love, and such:

"It doesn't matter so much what you know, although you do have to know it!
"It doesn't matter so much who you know, although you do have to know them!
What really matters is... who knows you....;
       ....and how well!

(Oh, do you know any of these folks? )
rev: 2009/07/05