Marian Beddill -- Citizen Activist -- Retired Engineer -- and a bit more smiley.
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Political Action:

Candidates for this election (My Endorsements are coming soon.)
Stump Speeches
Stump Speeches
During most of my professional life, I was constantly travelling, and could not maintain much connection to local civic activities, even though there was a family history which supported that life-mode. Since settling in Bellingham, Whatcom County, Washington, in 1991 - I have had the opportunity to be involved on a regular basis with political action.

The Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, WILPF, is an activity which I like.

I became the Recording Secretary, webmaster, elected PCO (Precinct Committee Officer), and several other positions of the WCDCC, which is associated with the WA Dems and the 40th LD.

I have enjoyed providing technical services to the Dems and my favorite candidates, as well as to the integrity of elections, as a charter member of the non-partisan group "Whatcom Fair Voting", and a charter member of the official "Citizens Election Advisory Committee" ("CEAC") of the Whatcom County Auditors' Office.

Examples: the map (JPG 495KB) and the list (XLS 33KB) of the new County Precinct Numbering System.

But I often asked myself: "Which Political Party?" best represents me.

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