Marian Beddill -- Citizen Activist -- Retired Engineer -- and a bit more smiley.
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Open Communications to support and accomplish these beliefs and goals.        Websites, email systems, print media, telephones, meetings and good old back-fence and coffee-shop chat are the ways folks get information exchanges, and plan to get things done.
       My computer skills (programming since the '60's, but today, modest ones) led me to be an early advocate of the internet, creating websites for my interests and issues, including election campaigns.
       In 1997 (a few short years ago), I was the first local candidate for elective office in Whatcom County to have a campaign website (how the world has changed!)
       Over the years since then, I have set up (or manage) numerous civic action websites and email discussion lists.
       Websites of note which I manage: NoneOfTheThree (you are here) .|. NoLeakyBuckets .|. LakeWhatcom .|.
       Websites of note which I originated, but no longer manage: LWV-Bellingham .|. 40th LD Dems .|.
GASP ( - We Won - they did not build the polluting-power-plant) .|.

       Public discussion groups which I manage: LakeWhatcom-List .|. WhatcomFairVoting .|. (and a number of private lists.)

      My favorite internet utility programs (for PC's) are:       I was a member of the Board of The Whatcom Watch, though not the webmaster, and (was) a strong supporter of The Whatcom Dems Grassroots News, while it existed, now just a newsletter of the local Dems.
      The website ("blog") NW works to tell the community what's really going on in politics.

      I also use the telephone and actually meet with live people.

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