Marian Beddill -- Citizen Activist -- Retired Engineer -- and a bit more smiley.
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Social Justice


Honor Day
We must be just in our dealings with all other people. Discrimination against people for arbitrary reasons doesn't fly. I grew up in the cotton-belt south, but learned young that racial discrimination did not seem right. I am a charter member of the Whatcom Human Rights Task Force (WHRTF), and am honored that in 2005 I was presented one of their "2005 Human Rights Awards". I helped start Honor Day with Silversong Belcourt. I was the co-founder of the Bellingham Chapter of PFLAG following a successful counter-campaign to a pair of hate-initiatives in Washington State in 1994 (I-608 & I-610).
Civic Justice There are many community issues for which civic action is the way to achieve fairness goals.

One of these is Universal Health Care coverage.

Here is a presentation about a Federal proposal on the topic - HR 676
in OpenOffice .sxi format - in MS .ppt format

Another is a truthful media, reporting what happens. Greg Palast is one of the leaders in investigative journalism, and I brought him to Bellingham in 2002.
World Justice No Iraq War
We protested when the start of the war on Iraq seemed likely under the shrub. One of the methods was holding signs on the freeway overpasses in our communities.

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