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Uniting for Peace: U N Resolution 377
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Yes to our Americas.
Sign says: No Iraq War
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we've GOT to get treatment!---
sign says: war hurts children

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sign says: no iraq war  sign says: no iraq war  stay on sidewalk

sign says: no iraq war  sign says: no iraq war

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They pop up for electoral campaigns; signs also work in anti-war campaigns. Boruck Printing in Seattle has produced red, white and blue "No Iraq War" lawn signs to communicate the message that one can be anti-war without being anti-American. Over 100,000 at last report pepper interstate highways, started along the Canada-Bellingham-Seattle-Tacoma corridor. Boruck is now delivering these signs nationwide WORLDwide, and you might find them available with action groups in your community. They also produce the same item as a bumper sticker and a magnetic poster. They can be reached at 1.800.536.8501, or at .

disclaimer: this website and owner have no financial interest in the Boruck business. We just use the signs, as selected by an associate.

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