[We hoped, in early 2003, that....]
UN Resolution 377 might still STOP the IRAQ WAR

(but, sadly, it did not.)

Sign as produced by Boruck Printing in Seattle. They also have produced red, white and blue "No Iraq War" lawn signs to communicate the message that one can be anti-war without being anti-American. Over 100,000 at last report pepper interstate highways, started along the Canada-Bellingham-Seattle-Tacoma corridor. Boruck has been delivering these signs nationwide WORLDwide, and you might find them available with action groups in your community. They also produce the same item as a bumper sticker and a magnetic poster. Boruck can be reached at 1.800.536.8501, or at aboruck@connectexpress.com .

disclaimer: this website and owner have no financial interest in the Boruck business. We just use the signs and support the message.

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