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Elections Done Fairly "If you cannot trust the way your votes are counted,
     nothing much else in politics matters."

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Elections systems must be "SARA" - Secure, Accurate, Reliable, Accessable, a set of characteristics cited by the LWVUS, the League of Women Voters of the US.. However, as good as those are, missing is the specific requirement for ballots on paper (permanent, unalterable) verifiable by the voter at the time of being cast, and human readable without an interface, then audited with hand counts of (at least randomly selected subsets of) those paper ballots with a true check of any machine count against the hand count (auditing!).

A monopoly in the marketplace of elections equipment and software must not be tolerated. One company is moving to buy its competitors, and this must be stopped. Ask the Justice Dept to intervene. See the detailed story on the Black Box Voting website!

I was for a while an officer of the LWV Bellingham/Whatcom County, but I resigned in part because of the lack of interest and activity of the National Office of the LWVUS. .

Another very active organization is: Also, in Brazil is the problem of paperless voting machines, operating under a single, powerful, Federal Agency - a recipe for insider control.

There must be No Leaky Buckets in our balloting and election system - it must carry all the votes safely, without any loss!

rev: 2008/10/8